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- State of the art
- Connect to 3G, WiFi and bluetooth
- Very affordable
- Easy to use, full colour display


Introducing the new,
Ingenico Move 3500

Move card 1.png

Technology at Your Fingertips

We supply only the highest quality card machines, from industry leader Ingenico.
By using the latest technology, we ensure your PDQ machine is safe, reliable and secure at all times.


Perfect for:

  • Mechincs

  • Estate agents

  • Counter based sales

For when your machine can stay in the same place


Perfect for:

  • Bars & Restaurants

  • Events

  • Multiple locations at work

Flexible wireless payments throughout the workplace

Receive payments via SIM cardwhile you're out and about

Perfect for:

  • Market Stalls

  • Trades & home visits

  • Payments on the move


All of your card machine
necessites in one place

We stock:

  • Replacement parts

  • Till roles & connections

  • Machine accessories

All of our terminals support:





colour display

New machine coming soon...

Whether switching or new, you're safe with us

New to Cards?

Customers in the UK now prefer to pay for goods or services via debit or credit cards.If you don’t accept card payments you will be turning away valuable business in an increasingly competitive market.
Commonly, accepting card payments is more cost effective, quicker and more secure than banking in the conventional manner.

Switch, It's easy!

We will deal with everything from the cancellation of your current agreement to the installation of your new contactless equipment.


All we need from you is some information to complete a new merchant application.

E-commerce Solutions

A business can no longer ignore the attraction of selling products online.
In the coming years this will
become the primary source of customer transactions, are you ready?


We can help with websites, online ordering, shopping carts and merchant service account setup.

- Savings pay for the service
- No need to switch card machine provider

- Saves money on phonelines and other unneccasary costs

- Increases Reliability of connection


Our roaming SIM backed
 M2M router can save you money

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