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Chip and Pin Direct

Payment Processing Simplified

Since our adventure started back in 2013, we have lept from strength to strength in meeting and creating long lasting friendships with customers, network groups and other services providers. We work with you to enpower your business to get payments the way you want them.

Here at Chip and Pin Direct, gone are the days of confusing contracts, uncertain terms and service that disappears early on a Friday afternoon.

We're reliable, we're local and we're helpful!!!

About us
Meet the team

Meet the team

Jason Douglas


Neil Campbell

Accounts Manager

Michael Renshaw

Sales Manager

David Smith

Admin & Accounts

Daniel Walters

Marketing manager

Well, what are you waiting for?

Make the change today and increase your profits, it’s simple 

Chip and Pin Direct will give you a payment solution that works for your business. We’ll provide you with lower processing costs and we’ll even future proof your security. M2M router technology means faster processing, helps to prevent fraud and increases the reliability of your card machines. 

Keep Your Old Terminal Alongside Your New For One Month 

Chip and Pin Direct take care of all the paperwork on your behalf, providing letters to cancel your current provider and help personally with paperwork for your new merchant account.  We can also install your new equipment alongside your old while notice is given to cancel old agreements.  Giving you confidence there will be no time your business will not be able to accept payments, with no additional costs.

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